Sales Page Copywriting

Long-form sales pages are here to stay. However short copy still packs a punch.

So how do you know when you need a longer sales page?

Here’s when:

When your offer needs a more detailed explanation.
When your audience is new to your product.
When your offer comes at a high price.
When you need to overcome all customer objections.
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A long sales page ensures you cover all aspects that might lead to resistance from the customer. Ditch the resistance, increase the sales.

Discover the secret to skyrocketing sales by creating an irresistible, comprehensive sales page that leaves no room for customer resistance. Say goodbye to hesitation and hello to booming business!

My Sales Page Copywriting Services

Spellbinding Sales Page

Kickstart Consultation Call

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Research About Your Company, Product and Competitors
A Long-Form Sales Page That Contains:
  • Stories
  • Emotion
  • Eliminates the competition
  • Introduces your ‘new discovery’
  • Pushes all the benefits whilst still covering the features
  • Contains a bio section, social proof and price comparison
  • Overcomes price resistance
  • Shows value stacking
  • A hard or soft close – your choice
  • Address FAQ’s
Powerful Call To Action Buttons
UX Techniques That Ensure a Smooth User Experience

UX, or user-experience, is something to prioritise when it comes to websites. UX revolves around the design, navigation, and overall comfort when users are coursing through your website.

It’s important your UX is impeccable so that users consistently have a great experience on your website, as it increases loyalty and trust between them and you!

Timescale 2-3 Weeks
Prices Start At £2000

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