Siân Griffith Case Study

Adult swimming coach with a difference.

Discover how Siân revolutionizes swimming with her innovative mind-body approach!

Go beyond traditional coaching techniques as Siân masterfully integrates mindfulness, breathing, and gliding into her aquatic teachings.

Dive into a transformative experience with Siân’s uniquely crafted website that truly captures the essence of this holistic swimming journey.

(Siân had a friend design her website using an IONOS template.)

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Adult Swimming Coach


Copy Brief
Full Website Copy
Competitor Research
VoC Anaylsis


Siân is a swimming coach with a difference. Instead of focusing purely on stroke, Siân helps her students be more mindful in water.

She has a mind-and-body approach to swimming, focusing on breathing and gliding over traditional coaching techniques.

Siân wanted a website to reflect this unique style of coaching.


We started with an in-depth copy brief, getting to the heart of Siân’s coaching style, ideal students and tone of voice. I spoke with several of Sian’s coaching clients, and an analysis of their responses helped me get to the heart of Sian’s brand values and teaching style.

Siân already has a strong social media presence. Through well-structured empathy and user journey mapping, potential students are guided through the website to find the information they need before booking a lesson.

We met on several Zoom calls to team edit the copy and move the project forward. Team editing ensures you have a focused input into your website copy.

The result? A website that reflects Siân and her swimming coaching perfectly.

Brainwaves Swimming Coach Case Study, The CopySprite Copywriting
Brainwaves Case Study, The CopySprite Copywriting

“Debs is intuitive, patient, and fun.”

I want to thank Debs for creating the copy for my website. She is able to look at things from a different perspective, which enhances the message of the copy.

I never thought a website would really represent me and my coaching. Debs really got the essence of me. I smile when I read the copy, it really represents what I think and do.

Thank you very much Debs for all your hard work, the website is more than I expected.

Siân Griffiths, Brainwaves Swimming Coaching
Siân Griffiths, Brainwaves Coaching

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